Polls are open 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

The following are the 2017 Polling Places for the City of Brockton.

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Ward 1            Precinct A    

Housing Authority, Community Room Hawley Street

Ward 1            Precinct B

West Middle School,   271 West Street

Ward 1            Precinct C

Hancock Elementary School,   125 Pearl Street

Ward 1             Precinct D

Hancock Elementary School.   125 Pearl Street

Ward 2              Precicnt A

Douglas House,  20 Haverhill St

Ward 2               Precinct B

Manning Towers,   45 Goddard Rd.

Ward 2              Precint C

Senior Center,  10 Father Kenney Way

Ward 2               Precinct D

War Memorial Building 156 West Elm Street

Ward 3                Precinct A

South Middle School, 105 Keith Avenue Ext

Ward 3                 Precinct B

South Middle School 105 Keith Avenue Ext

Ward 3                 Precinct C

Kennedy Elementary School,  900 Ash Street

Ward 3                   Precinct D

West Side Library, Rear Lower Level,  540 Forest Avenue

Ward 4                   Precinct A

Emmanuel House,  25 East Nilsson St.

Ward 4                    Precinct B

Gilmore Elementary School,  150 Clinton Street

Ward 4                     Precinct C

Davis Elementary School,   380 Plain Street

Ward 4                      Precinct D

Campello High Rise, Rear Building, 1380 Main Street

Ward 5                        Precinct A

East Side Library,   54 Kingman Street

Ward 5                        Precinct B  

East Middle School,  464 Centre Street

Ward 5                          Precinct  C

Downey Elementary School, 55 Electric Avenue

Ward 5                            Precinct D

Caffrey Towers, 755 Crescent Street

Ward 6                            Precinct A

Brookfield Elementary School,   135 Jon Drive

Ward 6                           Precinct B

Ashfield Elementary School,   225 Coe Road

Ward 6                           Precinct C

Brookfield Elementary School,    135 Jon Drive

Ward 6                            Precinct D

Brookfield Elementary School,    135 Jon Drive

Ward 7                            Precinct A

North Middle School 108 Oak Street

Ward 7                            Precinct B            

Belair High Rise, 105 Belair Street

Ward 7                           Precinct C

Sullivan Towers 140 Colonel Bell Drive

Ward 7                          Precinct D

Raymond Elementary School 125 Oak Stree