The Brockton Democratic City Committee Executive Board:( From Left Rear Peggy Curtis: Ward 6 Chair. Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Woman;  Joseph Tarr: 1st Vice Chair; Steve Kelley, Chairperson  Brockton Democratic City Committee; Steve Thomasy: Ward 3 Chair; Susan J Nicastro: Treasurer, Ward 4 Chair, Debra Garland: Ward 5  Chair;  Debra Mullen, Treasurer; Not Present: Mark Linde:  Ward 1 Chair;  William Hill, Ward 2 Chair; Joan Madden: Ward 7 Chair John Drusinskas: 2nd Vice Chair  (Photo courtesy of Emily Reynolds Spark the News)

The Brockton Democratic City Committee Executive Board is composed of the 5 City Wide Elected Officials and the 7 Ward Chairs. The BDCC Executive Committee meets once per month and are open to BDCC members.

Brockton Democratic City Committee  2016-2017 Executive Board

Name Telephone E-mail
Steve Kelley


(508) 586-0864 (h)

(774) 274-6099 (c)
Joe Tarr

1st Vice Chair

(508) 631-1557 (c)
John Drusinskas

2nd Vice Chair

(508) 586-8599 (c)
Susan Nicastro


(508) 941-6772 (h)

(508) 631-2042 (c)
Debra L Mullen


(508) 583-5134 (h)

(508) 243-1569 (c)
Mark Linde

Ward 1 Chair

(508) 588-4493(h)
William Hill

Ward 2 Chair
Steve Thomasy

Ward 3 Chair

(508) 583-5999 (h)
Susan Nicastro

Ward 4 Chair

(508) 941-6772 (h)

(508) 631-2042 (c)
Debra Garland

Ward 5 Chair

(508) 802-2851 (c)
Peggy Keenan Curtis

Ward 6 Chair

(508) 380-9917 (c)
Joan A. Madden

Ward 7 Chair

(508) 580-1143 (h)

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