I.                   NAME

The name of the organization is the Democratic City Committee of Brockton, Massachusetts.

II.              PURPOSE
The purpose of the organization is the furtherance and expansion of the Democratic Party in Brockton
III.                  MEMBERSHIP
Elected members of ward committee shall comprise entire body of membership.
IV.                  MEETINGS
Committee shall meet at least four times each year, at least once in each quarter, at the call of the Chairperson.  Notice of each meeting shall be sent to each member at least five days in advance of regularly scheduled meeting.

A.                   All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rule of Order
B.                   Special meetings may be called in either of this following ways:

(1)     By any elected office of the Democratic City Committee

(2)     By petition of at  least 25 members

C.                  A quorum shall consist of at least 25 members
D.                  All matters properly brought before the committee shall be decided by a                              vote of the majority of the members present and voting
E.                   There shall be a five (5) day written notice in advance of all meetings,                                    including  special meetings.  In the event of special meeting notice shall                            appear on  two(2) consecutive days in the local daily newspaper.  In all                                such cases, the  Secretary shall mail said notice.

V.                   OFFICERS
The City Committee shall consist of the following officers to be elected by majority vote:

A.       Chairman
B.       First Vice-Chairman
C.      Second Vice-Chairman
D.      Secretary
E.       Treasurer

All officers shall be elected by secret ballot.

VI.                  TERM OF OFFICE
The above officers shall be elected at the organizational meeting for a term of two years unless otherwise provided by law.
Shall call and preside at all meetings: appoint standing committees; appoint Parliamentarian, Affirmative Action and Outreach Officer; any other duties covered by statute. The Chairman shall serve ex-officio on all standing committees.
Shall record and verbally report minutes of all meetings; notify all members, five (5) days in advance, of all meetings in accordance with statutory requirements; any other duties so designated by the Chairman; shall send to all committee members a complete list of City Committee membership, City Committee by-laws, O’Hara Commission Guidelines, and extract of Chapter 52, Mass General Laws.  The Secretary shall provide a copy of the minutes of any meeting to any member so requesting.
Shall collect all monies; shall make a financial report at all meetings; shall be responsible for all expenditures and receipts according to the direction of the majority of the membership ( all checks and withdrawals shall be signed by the treasurer and countersigned by the Chairman before they shall be valid); shall keep a book of accounts;  shall be responsible for annual financial report to be available to full membership; shall file such report with the Secretary of State or any other office required by law.
First Vice Chairman:
Shall perform Chairman’s duties in the event of Chairman’s absence at meetings or in such circumstance where the Chairman shall relinquish the Chair.
Second Vice Chairman:
Shall perform such duties as Vice Chairman in the absence of the First Vice Chairman.
VIII             FISCAL YEAR
The fiscal year shall last from May 15 to May 14 of the following year to comply with statutory requirements
All associate members may attend meeting and shall be notice of all meeting by mail. Associate member shall not have the right to vote, but shall have other powers and duties as the ward committees may determine, consistent with the by-laws of the City Committee.  The City Committee may authorize the appointment of associate member for ward committees but the actual appoint of said associate members shall be made by each Ward Committee as to their own members  (according to the O’Hara Guidelines, adopted by the Democratic Nation Convention of 1968, as near as is practicable).
X                ELECTIONS

A.                   All officers shall be elected by a majority of the membership then                                  present and voting

B.                   In the event that any candidate fails to receive a majority of the vote of                          the membership present on the first ballot, the two candidates with                               the highest number of votes shall engage in a runoff for election.

C.                  Vacancy in Office.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chairman,                            the First Vice Chairman fill the un-expired term of office of Chairman.                         The Second Vice Chairman shall fill the un-expired term of office of                             First Vice Chairman.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of Second                           Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer, an election shall be called and                           held as provided herein.

D.                  Special Election.  In the event of a vacancy, the Secretary shall notify                            forthwith the membership of the existence of a vacancy in the offices                        of Secretary, treasurer and Second Vice Chairman and shall indicate the                        date and time of a special election, such time to be not less than thirty                            (30) days nor more than forty-five (45) days form the date of mailing of                   notice. Said election shall be held by secret ballot and in accordance with Article 10 herein.
E.                   A state of such changes in the personnel of the officer of the Committee shall be sent immediately by the Secretary of the Committee to the Secretary of the Commonwealth; to the Secretary of the Democratic State Committee and to the City Clerk of Brockton.
XI.                  STANDING COMMITTEES
Shall consist of the following and shall be appointed by the City Committee Chairman:
A.       By-Laws Committee
The By-laws Committee shall consist of a minimum of seven (7) persons, one from each ward committee.  The Committee shall formulate the by-laws and kept current with the latest elections laws for amendments as required and shall assist any member in drafting amendments to the by-laws.
B.       Elections Rule Committee
The Elections Rules Committee shall consists of a minimum of seven (7) person, with a minimum of one (1) person form each ward committee.  This committee shall draft rules for the conduct of elections and shall conduct all elections.
C.      Ways and Means Committee
The Ways and Means Committee shall consist of a minimum of seven (7) persons, with a minimum of (1) one person from each ward committee.  This committee shall make recommendations concerning the raising and spending of funds and other fiscal policy.
D.      Executive Committee
The membership of this Committee shall consist of the Chairman of each ward committee and the officers of the City Committee.  The Chairman of the City Committee shall preside at all meeting of the Executive Committee and the Secretary of the City Committee shall act as Secretary of the Executive Committee.  This Committee shall exercise such activity and perform such duties as may be assigned to it by the City Committee.
E.       Other Committees
The Chairman shall be empowered to create such other temporary committee as shall be required form time to time.  Insofar as is feasible, the make-up of such committee shall insure equal representation from each ward.
XII.                   DELEGATES
Delegates shall be elected by statutory rules or rules established by the Democratic State Committee
A.                   By-laws may be adopted, amended or repealed at any regularly scheduled meeting and/or special meeting of the elected members of the Democratic City Committee provide such proposed change is in writing and is signed by the elected member proposing it and is in the hands of the Secretary before the call of the next meeting at which such proposal is to be acted upon.  The Secretary shall include such proposed change in the call of the said meeting.
B.                   Such proposed change in the by-laws shall be referred forthwith by the Secretary to the  By-laws Committee which shall make a report with its recommendations at same meeting.  A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting shall be required for the proposed change to pass.
XVI          BY-LAWS
Unless and until amended or repealed by the elected members, these by-laws shall continue in effect from year to year and no formal motions shall be necessary at any meeting of the City Committee in order that they continue in force

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